Coaching & Consulting

GTBFrank engages our clients with a combination of coaching and consulting services. Coaching is focused on keeping the client in action…always moving toward their chosen goal. And, consulting brings expertise, provides options, and generates possible solutions.

Services include:

• Review internal operations: processes, human resources, and business development

• Individual coaching to shift behaviors in high potential or at-risk employees.

• Focus creative brainstorming and innovation techniques on "stuck" business areas

• Collaborate to generate a strong actionable corporate mission

• Provide objective business analysis: value proposition, industry differentiation, and potential development opportunities

• Customized sessions to develop specific personal skills, such as: Organizational agility, Business Acumen, Leadership, Powerful Communication, Precision Questioning, Critical Thinking

• Two Day Training: "Pitching Business Effectively"

• Workshop: "Unlocking Innovative Thinking & Creativity"

Coaching works most effectively with those that have bold goals and an expectation of excellence.