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Shift Perspectives to See Possibilities


“Head of the Bull” by Pablo Picasso is considered one of the most revolutionary pieces of its time. It is one of the first “found” object sculptures to be presented in a major art exhibition and it started a movement of found object art. What I find most interesting is that he took familiar objects (a bicycle seat and handlebars) and combined them in a new and interesting way to create a new entity (a bull’s head). Picasso didn’t build the seat. He didn’t build the handlebars. His role was to shift perspectives so that we could see something more. His re-assembly of the existing elements was his innovation.

Everyday in our worklife we have an opportunity to innovate. To impact your business, you don’t have to hold 50 patents and be a master in organizational development – or be the inventor of the next social networking sensation – or be an internationally famous artist. The truth is that the slightest adjustment or change in existing elements can have monumental benefits in your organization.

How are you innovative? Are you taking the time to step back from existing tools, systems or processes to look at them in a different way? How are you creating artistry in your business practices?

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