About & Feedback

Lorem IpsumGood To Be Frank was founded in 2009 by marketer, communications strategist, writer, artist, executive producer, and chief instigator – Susan Tucker.

The company name is inspired by the sacred state of open and honest conversation achieved through a trusted relationship. Providing clients with a safe environment to engage in candid discussion about their aspirations and challenges is the foundation upon which the company is built. At some point, nearly every great company has a moment when they feel “stuck” – success may have evolved to a debilitating fear of competition, innovation may have stalled, demand may have surpassed capability, an imbalance between tactical to strategic thinking may have developed, and so on. Challenges facing business are innumerable.

Good To Be Frank focuses on unlocking possibilities and working collaboratively to generate actions to remove the roadblocks and achieve desired results. The highest ethical standards and practices are consistently maintained in all engagements. However, the style of coaching and consulting offered is modified to accommodate the culture of the company and the needs of the individuals involved. Susan Tucker is involved in every client engagement. Additional subject matter experts are brought in to a project in based upon the specific needs of the client.